Information on Tri-River Police Training Region, Inc., MTU16, membership:

The membership fee to join our organization and enjoy all of its benefits is based on yearly dues determined by the number of officers in your department as listed below:

  • $100.00 for each Full Time Officer
  • $70.00 for each Part Time Officer

Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30

Our present course catalog can be viewed on our website.

By being a member, your officers are able to attend our training classes usually at no cost to the department. A few courses may have a limit on the number of officers from individual departments due to their popularity and demand.

Some specialty courses may have a tuition fee but our members always have a lower fee than non-members.  These courses are very limited and usually are the more advanced ones such as Interview and Interrogation, Crash Reconstruction, etc. The last couple of years we have been waiving the entire fee for these advanced classes to our members per our Advisory Board request.